4 Facts About Your Engine Oil

Engine oil is very important for your car's performance and lifespan. With that being a fact, following misleading information online can lead to damage or repairs. There are countless opinions on what’s good and what isn’t, but below you will find four proven facts about your engine oil, you probably didn't know.

1. Darker Colour Doesnt Mean Its Bad

Your engine's oil changes color at certain intervals. When it is new, the color is clear and transparent. but when it gets used, it changes to a darker hue. But that doesn't mean it has to be changed immediately after you spot this. Quite the opposite. Oil should be changed at the intervals shown in your owner's manual or if you spot metal particles floating around. The manufacturers have taken everything into account and determined the right intervals for oil changes. 

2. Don't Use Different Types Of Oil

Using different types of oil can be damaging to your vehicle. If your owner's manual says you should use 5W-30, use only that. While the brand of oil can change depending on your preferences, the type should stay the same. And the last thing you want to do is mix two different types of oil together. It can result in a chemical reaction due to the different types of ingredients used.

3. Today Synthetic Oils Leak Less

Synthetic oils have advanced to the point where they no longer leak as much and cause no damage to gaskets. But due to popular beliefs, people think the opposite - that it's bad and damages everything. Make sure to take advantage of this fact when choosing engine oil the next time you are at the store or service center.

4. Oil Changes Are Done According to The Use Of The Vehicle

Owner's guides contain a lot of helpful and vital information, like intervals for oil changes. Well, people overlook the fact that the way you use the car also has an effect. If you are driving it in the city, starting and shutting it down often, then you will need more frequent changes. On the other side, if you regularly drive long distances on highways, the engine works at much more stable RPMs, so oil changes won't be as frequent.

Oil Changes At Auto Excel!

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