People suffer during the coldest months of the year, but did you realize that your car’s battery suffers as well? The reality is that cold weather can drain the power of your battery, leaving you stuck if you aren’t paying attention. Continue reading for more information on how your car battery operates and how cold weather affects it.

How Do Batteries Function?

A standard car battery comprises a collection of lead plates, water, and sulfuric acid, among other things. Each plate contributes to the construction of the battery cells, with two plates per cell. Each of the four cells generates more than 4 volts of electrical power in the circuitry. Thus, the battery generates a total of 12.8 volts, which is sufficient to power your car’s starter motor when fully charged. When your battery isn’t putting out the full 12.8 volts, though, you’ll have difficulties getting the car to turn over.

The Consequences of Cold Weather

Temperatures below freezing have a significant impact on virtually everything, including the performance of your vehicle’s battery. Because the battery is essentially a chemical reaction occurring within the battery box, being exposed to cold causes the chemical reaction to proceed much more slowly than it would otherwise. Additionally, your battery’s overall capacity may be reduced as a result of this. Also, if the battery is very old, it may just not be able to function at all.

Forgetfulness and Accessories Affect Battery Performance

Drains on your battery, such as accessories that are left plugged in, might make it much more difficult for your battery to keep up with your demands during the colder months. When you turn off your car, if you leave your radio, heater, and other accessories turned on, they will contribute to the initial drain on your battery when you turn the car back on. Additionally, forgetting to do simple things like turning off your headlights or leaving the trunk open just enough to activate the trunk light might fully exhaust your battery’s capacity.

When You Have the Opportunity, Warm the Battery

Keeping your battery warmer, especially when the temperature drops below zero, can make a major difference in its performance. Some simple habits, like parking your car in a garage, if possible, rather than on the street can make a significant difference. There are various products, such as battery blankets, that can protect and insulate the battery from the effects of the cold. In general, during cold weather you may want to be more carful to ensure that you aren’t doing anything that could put your battery at risk of being damaged.

Bring your car in if you’re having any problems with the battery or charging system. We may perform a battery test on your behalf to ensure that you have the power you require for your device.