Does Your Car Have a Blown Head Gasket

Your head gasket has to tolerate a lot of heat and pressure to do its job, and if your car overheats it can cause the head gasket to blow. Keeping your car routinely maintained by an expert technician ensures oil changes, coolant, and other fluids are in good supply can go a long way in preventing a head gasket leak.

The head gasket is basically the device that prevents different chemicals from mixing in your engine and doing harm to your car. The main functionality of the head gasket is keeping an airtight seal preventing fluids from locking up the engine, causing a fire, or detonation.

As your car ages, it's normal for the head gasket to lose efficiency, that's where automotive maintenance becomes important! A seasoned mechanic will spot the warning signs that it's time to replace your head gasket.

Red Flags of a Head Gasket Leak

There are lots of symptoms to identify a head gasket leak and this list is by no means comprehensive, but if you do think your car's engine is pressurized you should turn off the engine, stop driving the car, and get to our auto repair shop ASAP!

  • Leaks– the fluids in your car are meant to stay in specific pipes. The coolant, oil, and water aren't meant to mix. If you notice any new spots in your parking spot, take notice, it might be a head gasket leak.
  • The engine smokes when you start the car– the cylinders in your car run several operations when the engine is switched on. If there's white smoke coming from your tailpipe then the head gasket may need replacing.
  • Bubbling, Boiling, and Overheating– as oil drips into the coolant, the engine cannot cool off with this same efficiency resulting in a car that's overheating. Another indicator is if you find bubbling or boiling activity in the overflow tank. If this is the case then the cylinder is dripping into the coolant.

After a head gasket leak, it's wisest to get it repaired according to the car manufacturer guidelines. Auto Excel is happy to help you today!


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