How Does the Antilock Brake System Work?

The Antilock Brake System (ABS) is a secondary brake measure that blocks your wheels from skidding in uncertain situations. It will allow you to maneuver your car even while braking. The  ABS comprises various sensors that measure wheel speed to catch whenever your wheel speed slows down or locks while braking.The ABS will do its job whenever you start skidding. When it does kick in, you might feel a pulsation while driving.  

What Does the ABS Light Mean?

When your ABS is turned off or not working, you may see a warning light on your dashboard with the letters A-B-S. Just make sure you don’t panic because most people get concerned that their primary or service brakes will stop working. However, the light is simply an alert to let you know that your ABS needs attention. 

How to Diagnose an ABS Light?

If the ABS continues to stay on, you must bring your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop for a professional mechanic to diagnose it. At Auto Excel, we utilize the best scan tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure you get an accurate diagnosis. If the sensors are faulty, we have access to quality replacement parts. No matter the problem, we will have your vehicle back on the road in no time. 

Skidding and hydroplaning can make driving more dangerous than it needs to be. That is where the beauty of the ABS comes in! If you need your ABS repaired, please do not delay your visit to Auto Excel. Feel free to give our auto repair shop a call or schedule an appointment online today. 

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