No matter what you have done to your car, quality auto repair and preventive maintenance doesn’t always come cheap. That’s why at Auto Excel, we’re proud to offer our loyal customers not only our nearly 70 years of collective auto repair experience, but access to our rewards program as well. Keep reading to see how our Rewards Program benefits you in the long run!

As the premier auto repair shop in Lexington, our auto mechanics take their jobs to the next level. That’s why our reputation has continued to flourish as the years have passed – our customers know that no matter the issue, we can solve all those complex mechanical issues your car can throw at us. What makes it even better is our Rewards Card. Every purchase you make at Auto Excel, you’ll also earn a percentage of your invoiced amount added to your Rewards Card. As this accumulates, you can use the amount that’s gone onto your Rewards Card to use toward your future purchases at Auto Excel. The best part about our Rewards Program is that membership is completely free, and by signing up, you’ll gain access to more benefits and special offers in the mail or by email.

When you sign up for our Rewards Program, you’ll also be signing up to receive customized scheduled maintenance reminders, along with routine oil change reminders. You can even earn yourself free oil changes! Not to mention, that with our Referral Program, the more you pass out your Referral Cards and a new customer you referred comes in for service, the more dollars you earn toward your future visits!

At Auto Excel, we also know that giving back is the right thing to do, and many of our customers share this sentiment. If you’re of the same mind, you can also choose to donate a portion of your Rewards Dollars to local and national charities. If this is something you’re interested in, you should check your email and watch for your opportunities to donate!

No matter the make, model, or issue, if you think it’s time for a comprehensive auto inspection or some much-needed auto repair and maintenance on your vehicle, it’s time to give us a call or make your appointment online with Auto Excel in Lexington today! You can find us at 271 Gold Rush Rd Suite 1, Lexington, KY 40503. See you soon!