1 05, 2020

What goes into a comprehensive auto inspection?

2020-05-04T21:17:55-04:00By |Blog|

Everyone has car troubles, but sometimes we can't figure out what the issue is on our own. That's why the pros at Auto Excel are here and prepared to give you a comprehensive auto inspection! Just keep reading to find out what all goes into a comprehensive auto inspection. Comprehensive auto inspections go through a [...]

1 04, 2020

History of the MINI

2021-04-20T17:46:47-04:00By |Mini Cooper|

The MINI was originally designed by BMC, as well as designer Sir Alec Issigonis in the 1950’s. Due to a fuel shortage, there was a demand for more efficient city cars. The MINI was developed as a result. Originally designed with two doors, the MINI had a 4-cylinder engine by BMC as well as a [...]

1 02, 2020

Showing Love for Your Car

2020-02-03T20:37:39-05:00By |Blog|

Your vehicle may not need roses to feel loved this Valentine’s day, but there are definitely other ways you can bring the love. Whether or not you have children or dogs running amok in your car, it can always be challenging to keep it clean. Random receipts, fast food bags, crumbs, dirt, and more can [...]

1 12, 2019

Christmas Gifts You Can Give Your Car

2019-12-12T21:30:07-05:00By |Blog|

Have you been thinking about Christmas? It is right around the corner and who better to buy gifts for than ourselves… ahem… I mean… our cars! Cars add so much to our lives. They are not only our transportation; they are an extension of ourselves an expression of who we are and who we want [...]

1 11, 2019

Give Thanks for Your Car

2019-11-12T22:41:24-05:00By |Blog|

  Driving a car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. It can offer you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. Taking the scenic route can be an enjoyable experience, an opportunity to enjoy the views Mother Nature has to offer. If time is of the essence, a car can help you [...]

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