Your vehicle may not need roses to feel loved this Valentine’s day, but there are definitely other ways you can bring the love.

Whether or not you have children or dogs running amok in your car, it can always be challenging to keep it clean. Random receipts, fast food bags, crumbs, dirt, and more can all add up to make a mess. Your car loves to be loved and there are many ways you show your appreciation for the vehicle that gets you where you need to be every day.  February is the perfect time to show your love and getting your car clean is a great place to start! Here are a few tips:

  • An old makeup brush can get into challenging spots where dust can hide. Use the brush to get out the dust in your vents and other tight places.
  • Pet hair can be tricky too. Fill a spray bottle with plain water; spray the affected areas and then wipe with a squeegee to remove the hair from your upholstery.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe some olive oil onto your dash, steering wheel, and console. It picks up stubborn dirt but also replenishes the previous shine. Make sure to wipe off any excess oil, especially on the steering wheel.
  • Use cupcake liners in your cup holders to help catch debris and make for an easy cleanup.
  • Bugs on your grill and windshield can make for challenging cleanup. Use a dryer sheet and you’ll be surprised how much cleaner it can get your car.
  • Spray a bit of rubbing alcohol on your windshield wipers to help with smudging.

These are all great ways to show your vehicle some love. Don’t forget to keep up with your preventive maintenance too, since there is no greater love than that! When you shower your car with love, you can expect to reap the benefits. The Auto Excel team loves to partner with all of our clients to help you get the most out of your treasured vehicle. Give us a call or make your appointment online with Auto Excel in Lexington today! You can find us at 271 Gold Rush Rd Suite 1, Lexington, KY 40503. See you soon!