Mini Cooper is one of the most famous fast, economical, racing car-like quality small vehicles available on the market. This mini beast is known for its super deadly speed, drifting feature, and elegant look. There have been many MINI-type cars available on the market over the years, but this car has taken over everyone due to its fabulous looks and qualities.

This vehicle is owned by BMW, one of the biggest names in the car industry. Although Mini Cooper is the most famous small-size car model, many others still choose from it.

So today, I will go over its pros and cons to help you make the formal decision.

The Pros

The MINI is a great option should you be interested in a smaller vehicle, and here are some reasons why.

Super Fun to Drive

One of the reasons is it’s super fun to drive. It’s sleek, small, and super-fast, making it highly attractive.


With MINI, you could get a lot of customization options. The best thing about this car is that you can play with multiple options, which helps make it fully customized in any way you want. This option makes it’s a valuable model.


If you skip on extra options for your official purchase, it could probably save you many costs. This makes it an affordable car to buy. Although having some good options are nice to add, but they are not required.


Although it’s small in size, these cars are carefully designed to have comfortable, spacious interiors, especially the front seats. Even the tall drivers could fit in it easily.

Easy Parking

Due to its smaller size, it could easily be parked in a crowded and tight space. So surely, parking could never be an issue with MINI cars.

Less Maintenance

One of the best things about a MINI is that you don’t have to keep changing oil, unlike like other cars. MINI Coopers need less frequent oil changes.  Its regular maintenance is very cost-effective. Its standard 3-year warranty can easily take it to any MINI Dealership for its first regular maintenance.

Superb Gas Mileage

Although these luxury cars use premium gas, and so it does offer quite decent gas mileage. With this car, you can easily do about 6-7 hours of freeway driving before needing any urgent fill-up.

High Resale Value

A MINI brand has a quite good resale value, considering the vehicle is in top shape and has no mechanical problems at all. So if you ever think of getting rid of this car, you will definitely earn more in return than other car models.