Why Are My Brakes Squealing?

Imagine coming to a stop at a light or stop sign just to hear the most horrendous and loudest squeak. If your brakes are noisy after you’ve applied pressure to the brake pedal, it can mean one of three things.

1 - Rust and/or Dirt

If your brakes have accumulated a lot of dust and debris, the brake rotors can develop rust if not washed off. Whenever you press on the brakes when they’re in this condition, the brake pads can scrape some of this off. Once the grime or rust is gone, it will return to normal.

2 - Moisture

Braking in wet conditions, like high humidity, rain, or snow, can cause your brakes to make some noise. This tends to happen in early mornings when moisture builds up on your brake rotor overnight. The sound should go away once the moisture dries up.

3 - Worn Brake Pads

Over time, as your car puts on miles, your brake pads will naturally wear down. These parts often have metal indicators that make an audible signal when they wear off. Each time you brake, you will hear this loud screeching sound. If this is a persistent problem, you should have your brake pads checked by a professional mechanic.


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