1 05, 2021

The Pros of Owning a MINI Cooper

2021-06-02T01:12:40-04:00By |Mini Cooper|

Mini Cooper is one of the most famous fast, economical, racing car-like quality small vehicles available on the market. This mini beast is known for its super deadly speed, drifting feature, and elegant look. There have been many MINI-type cars available on the market over the years, but this car has taken over everyone due [...]

1 04, 2020

History of the MINI

2021-04-20T17:46:47-04:00By |Mini Cooper|

The MINI was originally designed by BMC, as well as designer Sir Alec Issigonis in the 1950’s. Due to a fuel shortage, there was a demand for more efficient city cars. The MINI was developed as a result. Originally designed with two doors, the MINI had a 4-cylinder engine by BMC as well as a [...]

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