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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett, Owner

Audi is a German automaker that requires expertise in maintaining and servicing that can only be trusted at the hands of our highly trained Auto Excel mechanics. Come to us at Lexington, Kentucky and get all the support that you need to get your Audi back on track.

Our high qualified mechanics are the right people to trust with servicing your Audi and keep you comfortable whenever you are on the road. Our experts will instantly detect any defect on your car and service it within the shortest time possible. We have a 3 year/36000 mile nationwide parts and labor warranty, whichever comes first, our objective is to provide you with highly durable and approved parts to enjoy comfortable and long driving experience.

We will also provide you with alternate transportation or our complimentary shuttle service that will get you home or work while we concentrate on giving your Audi a high-end repair or maintenance service. Our Auto Excel repair station in Lexington, Kentucky is the only place a high-end service is guaranteed to bring out the highly improved or maintained car.

Seek excellence when servicing your Audi

Your classy Audi vehicle requires a touch of brilliant technicians to maintain the elegance that comes with driving this car model. We will diligently observe your Audi to determine the fault and work our best to give you an excellently repaired or maintained car. We have friendly staff and knowledgeable technicians who will exquisitely service your vehicle and satisfy your expectations with our efforts.
We also have a cool and exciting environment where you can easily surf using our free Wi-Fi and also enjoy delicious snacks and drinks if you decide to wait while we service your Audi. Our teams of experts have the best and the latest knowledge techniques to repair and maintain any model of Audi and are therefore the only people that can service your German car with the needed expertise. Come to Auto Excel, the only place where the service for your vehicle is safe and guaranteed.

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