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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett, Owner

Your Subaru takes good care of you, so you want to take good care of it. If you hadn’t heard, some Subaru owners have managed to reach 200,000 miles with their vehicle. Subaru vehicles work hard! With great care your vehicle can dependably serve you for a very long time to come. We can make this happen for you. Our expert technicians are ready to provide high quality service that results in a vehicle which continues to serve you reliably.

We have the long running experience that helps us accurately diagnose an issue and we stay up to date on the best technology to use in making both preventative check ups and repairs to your vehicle. Our experienced technicians know their stuff. No matter what make or model of Subaru you have, we have the knowledge and training to keep it in top condition.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our work. Not only do we use genuine Subaru manufacturer-approved parts, but we back up our labor with a nationwide warranty. You have our guarantee that the service will be the best possible with genuine parts, and for either 3 years or 36,000 miles after our service, we stand by both the parts and labor. If something goes wrong, we cover the costs.

You Can Feel Comfortable with Us

We have other services for you while your Subaru vehicle is being repaired. We can help you gain access to another vehicle while yours is unavailable. We even offer shuttle service to get you home or to work or wherever you need to go. We have snacks, drinks, and Wifi available on site.

Having your vehicle in for repairs can be a stressful time for you, so we want you to feel like both you and your vehicle are in good hands. Your Subaru will be back in good shape as quickly as possible and ready for the work you need it to do. We guarantee it.

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