Story of Auto Excel
Video Transcription

What a lot of people don’t know about Auto Excel is that this is being kind of something that’s been going on in Mike’s life for years, ever before he started his own shop.
He literally started in a small town of Liberty, Kentucky, then in Casey County. He started out when he was a teenager working in his grandfather’s shop.
So Mike learned it at an early age that he really want to be a technician. At the time he didn’t know what a technician was, he just knew that he wanted to work on cars.
So literally what happened was all throughout high school , he would help his grandfather, he helped Papa, in his garage doing basic things and learning and then when he got out of school he went to Northwestern Technical College to actually become an AEC certified technician and then after that he spent over 17 years GM learning about general motors vehicle.
So literally Mike has over 17 years of experience himself or other two guys in the shop, between all of them together, they probably have over 70 years of experience.
But whenever things kind of changed in GM and Mike decided that wasn’t where he wanted to be anymore, he decided he wanted to open his own shop to be able to treat people the way he felt they needed to be treated because a lot of the times he didn’t have control over what happened someplace else.
So he wanted to have a place where he could treat people right and know that they are gonna be taking care of. That’s why we are the only shop that we know of in Lexington, or maybe even the state at offers that 3 year and 36,000 miles parts and labor warranty.
Literally, Mike started with two racks, almost 4 years ago now answering the phone, working on cars, and ordering parts all himself. So as this business grew, because he was giving people the service that they were looking for, he decided to bring his brother in. His brother actually did my job before I came here and I have literally known Mike and Berry for years.
I think so much about them that I had them both stand up at my wedding. When people ask me how long I have been here, I tell them I was here before it opened because I helped lay the flooring.
Really, truthfully, I have been here in April will be 2 years. Mike has been the heart and soul of it from the beginning. This was his brainchild. And we just wanted to have something that we knew that we could control how people are being treated, because so many times in this industry people feel that, ” Did they really do what they said they are gonna do? Is that done we wanted it to?
Our goal here is to understand exactly what you are paying for and to feel confident that your vehicle is gonna run the way it should as long as you do the things we ask you to.
We are not here for you to have to do a bunch of extra stuff that’s not necessary. We also don’t want you to short cut things and cause you trouble down the road.
That’s the story of Auto Excel, excellence and automotive care is what we specialize in.

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