Questions To Аsk When Buying A Used Vehicle

Buying a car is a big investment, and because of that, you might go for a used one. If so, be sure that a couple of things are working properly, or at least if they are fixable. In this article, you will find a couple of questions you should ask the seller before considering buying the car. 

Why is the car being sold?
Ask the seller why they are selling the car - this can give you information about the car if it has any big issues like a bad engine. On the other hand, the reason may be a new one or not using it often.

What is the mileage, and for how long was it driven?
This question can give you insight into the overall use during the ownership. Cars with a lot of miles will need more repairs and care.

Does it need any repairs?
Ask for any mandatory repairs, such as transmission service, engine repairs, or other big shop visits. If repairs are needed, we advise you to skip the purchase or at least consider them when talking about price.

Has the engine been changed?
Ask the owner for an engine or transmission change. If it has been changed, it will probably be on fewer miles. In addition, the engine will be fresher and more reliable if the change was done properly.

What is the condition of the wheels and tires?
The vehicle may be sold with all-season wheels or additional wheels for summer or winter. But before getting excited about the bonus to your purchase, ask for the condition of the wheels on the car. If they are worn out or damaged and go unnoticed during the purchase, it can cost you a visit to the tire and repair shop.

Has the car had any previous owners?
If the seller is the first owner - that's good news for you. Fewer owners mean fewer different mechanics and repair techniques. Furthermore, if it is an older vehicle, most of the time, meaning that the owner adores it and has kept it maintained. 

These questions will make your purchase experience a lot better and easier. They can also save you money on unseen problems or ones that can occur in the future. We also advise you to go for a check-up in a service shop just to be certain of the car's condition. 

You can use our pre-purchase inspection service at Auto Excel to ensure that you're making the right choice. Good luck with your vehicle purchasing journey!

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