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When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers? Windshield wipers are the most useful and necessary component of auto to help you have a clear view of a road. It helps you see road conditions during rain, fog, and dust as clear as possible. It ensures you ultimate safety while driving a car. It’s necessary to have fully functional windshield wipers for safe operation. But over time, the blades get corroded and less effective due to continuous usage and wear and tear.  Thus, it becomes necessary to get them the proper maintenance. We are here with all the information regarding when to replace wipers, take care of them, and much more. So without further ado, let’s discuss. When to Replace Wipers Getting your windshield blades regularly routine inspection can help you address the challenging issues ahead of time. It helps you in knowing the timespan of blades and when to replace them. If your question is how long wiper blades last, then the answer is that it depen ... read more

Auto Excel Pays It Forward

Auto Excel Pays It Forward  

Why We Charge to Inspect Your Vehicle?

Why We Charge to Inspect Your Vehicle? Video Transcription The reason why we do is that nobody wants to work for free, and nobody wants to spend more money than what they have to. So what we do, by doing an evaluation on your vehicle, and running a set of series of tests, and procedures is we determine what the issue is without guessing. So that’s why it’s gonna cost. You are paying a little bit for that knowledge to know they are doing the correct work to your car. And then for some reason what we tell you isn’t right, we expect you to bring it back to us and tell us hey, my car didn’t change. We are going to re-evaluate that again for you, at no additional charge, and if it’s something that we missed, or we should’ve caught the first time, we are gonna make it right

Why isn’t Auto Excel Open on The Weekends?

  Why isn’t Auto Excel Open on The Weekends? Video Transcription One of the things we get hit with, all the time, is that why isn’t Auto Excel open in the weekends. The reason being is that we realize there is a limited number of the type of technicians we want to have in the shop and frankly I know you don’t and I don’t want to work seven days a week. Really I don’t want to work six, we wanna have time to spend with our families. So what we do at Auto Excel, kind of help people overcome that is, as we offer free shuttle service anywhere inside of Lexington. We can also, if you are gonna have your car for more than a day, we can work out, we have a special way to work out with one of the other car companies where you can get a car just by mentioning your name. You can get a car for 25 dollars a day

Can You Get My Vehicle In and Out On The Same Day?

    Can You Get My Vehicle In and Out On The Same Day? Video Transcription Here at Auto Excel, we strive to do the very best we can to get your vehicle in and out on the same day. Now we know that may not always happen and things happen. As a rule of thumb, on most repairs, we can get you in and out on the same day. We also follow up with our customers throughout the day even if we don’t have anything, one way or the other, tell them exactly what’s going on with it. We want to let you know that we didn’t forget about you. We are going to contact you a couple of times throughout the day to say “Mr customer, what we have right now is, our technicians are still evaluating what is wrong with your car. Obviously, it wasn’t something simple like what we thought. They are spending time on it, we are not looking for any additional money to pay for their time, we are going to go ahead and do this additionally that we need to. So we need good ... read more

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